INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND stores a period of time in terms of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. (Oracle SQL Language Reference INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND Data Type)

There is no equivalent for this data type in Snowflake, it is currently transformed to VARCHAR.

INTERVAL DAY [(day_precision)] TO SECOND [(fractional_seconds_precision)]

Sample Source Patterns

Interval Day to Second in Create Table


IN -> Oracle_01.sql
CREATE TABLE interval_day_to_second_table
	interval_day_col1 interval day to second,
	interval_day_col2 interval day(1) to second(4)

INSERT INTO interval_day_to_second_table(interval_day_col1) VALUES ( INTERVAL '1 2:3:4.56' DAY TO SECOND ); 
INSERT INTO interval_day_to_second_table(interval_day_col2) VALUES ( INTERVAL '1 2:3:4.56' DAY(1) TO SECOND(4) );


OUT -> Oracle_01.sql
CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE interval_day_to_second_table
		interval_day_col1 VARCHAR(20) !!!RESOLVE EWI!!! /*** SSC-EWI-0036 - INTERVAL day to second DATA TYPE CONVERTED TO VARCHAR ***/!!!,
		interval_day_col2 VARCHAR(20) !!!RESOLVE EWI!!! /*** SSC-EWI-0036 - INTERVAL day(1) to second(4) DATA TYPE CONVERTED TO VARCHAR ***/!!!
	COMMENT = '{"origin":"sf_sc","name":"snowconvert","version":{"major":1, "minor":0},{"attributes":{"component":"oracle"}}'

	INSERT INTO interval_day_to_second_table(interval_day_col1) VALUES ('1d, 2h, 3m, 4s, 56ms');

	INSERT INTO interval_day_to_second_table(interval_day_col2) VALUES ('1d, 2h, 3m, 4s, 56ms');

The Interval value is transformed to a supported Snowflake format and then inserted as text inside the column. Since Snowflake does not support Interval as a data type, it is only supported in arithmetic operations. In order to use the value, it needs to be extracted and used as an Interval constant (if possible).

Original Oracle value: INTERVAL '1 2:3:4.567' DAY TO SECOND

Value stored in Snowflake column: '1d, 2h, 3m, 4s, 567ms'

Value as Snowflake Interval constant: INTERVAL '1d, 2h, 3m, 4s, 567ms'

Retrieving data from an Interval Day to Second column


IN -> Oracle_02.sql
SELECT * FROM interval_day_to_second_table;


OUT -> Oracle_02.sql

Known Issues

1. Only arithmetic operations are supported

Snowflake Intervals have several limitations. Only arithmetic operations between DATE or TIMESTAMP and Interval Constants are supported, every other scenario is not supported.

  1. SSC-EWI-0036: Data type converted to another data type.

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