Best practices

1. Extraction

We highly recommend you use our scripts to extract your workload:

2. Preprocess

We highly recommend you use a Preprocess Script that aims to give you better results before starting an assessment or a conversion. This script performs the following tasks:

  1. Create a single file for each top-level object

  2. Organize each file by a defined folder hierarchy (The default is: Database Name -> Schema Name -> Object Type)

  3. Generate an inventory report that provides information on all the objects that are in the workload.

2.1 Download:

Please click here to download the binary of the script.

2.2 Description

The following information is needed to run the script:

Script Argument

Example Value



Input folder



{ -i | ifolder= }

Output folder



{ -o | ofolder= }

Database name



{ -d | dname= }

Database engine

Microsoft SQL Server


{ -e | dengine= }

Output folder structure

Database name, top level object type and schema


[ { -s | structure= } ]

Pivot tables generation



[ -p ]

The supported values for the database engine argument (-e) are: oracle, vertica, mssql and teradata

The supported values for the database engine argument (-e) are: database_name, schema_name and top_level_object_name_type. When specifying this argument all the previous values need to be separated by a comma (e.g., ““-sdatabase_name,top_level_object_name_type,schema_name).

This argument is optional and when it is not specified the default structure is the following: Database name, top-level object type and schema name.

The pivot tables generation parameter (-p) is optional.

2.3 How-to

  1. Set the binary as an executable: chmod +x standardize_sql_files

  2. Run the script by executing the following command:


  3. Running the script using the previous information: ./standardize_sql_files -i "input path" -o "output path" -d Workload1 -e teraddata

  4. If the script is successfully executed the following output will be displayed:

    Splitting process completed successfully! Report successfully created! Script successfully executed!

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