Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert for Teradata during 2021.

Release 2.0.23 - December 21st, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.2.13


  • The default value in a column gives a parsing error

  • Removed the unused options avoidTruncatedDataInCast, warnIfCastMightTruncateData and useLeftFunctionInTruncatedCast

  • Fix multiple EWIs not appearing in the assessment reports

  • INTERVAL not recognized in addition and subtraction of Datetime values

  • STRTOK_SPLIT_TO_TABLE not being transformed


  • Support REGEXP_REPLACE, REGEXP_SUBSTR, REGEXP_INSTR functions with COLLATE arguments

  • Conversion of NEW ST_GEOMETRY

Release 2.0.22 - December 7th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.43


  • Update conversion for NULLIFZERO function

  • Not recognizing unsupported INTERVAL type


  • ET or END TRANSACTION is now supported when used in SQL files

Release 2.0.21 - November 22nd, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.24


  • UDF helpers are hardcoded to use PUBLIC schema

  • Extend MSCEWI2015 description. Deprecate MSCEWI2046

  • T12 scripts parsing error when a $variable is used as a statement

  • T12 scripts parsing error related with $variable in LOGTABLE and BEGIN IMPORT statements

  • Empty file migration is incorrect

  • Function CHAR_LENGTH is not translated


  • General improvements to casts to string for both ANSI and Teradata syntaxes

  • Support Default Period Constructor transformation

Release 2.0.20 - November 8th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.21


  • Fix SQL Statements parsing recovery in T12 scripts

  • Cursor with locking statement is not parsed

  • Some comments are missing in the Stored Procedures Header

  • Some MACROS are not identified in assessment reports


  • Extended support for TO_CHAR function migration for both datetime and numeric types

  • Improvements to preprocessing scripts, more info here

  • Generation of HTML assessment report

Release 2.0.19 - October 25th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.10


  • Bug in NOT LIKE ALL syntax transformation

  • Literals in VIEW columns require an alias

  • Missing statement in generated code


  • Python helpers technical documentation website

  • Python helpers logging improvements described here

  • Authenticator parameter in python helpers connection method

  • Support for special Teradata MERGE syntax

  • Parsing support for SEQUENCED and NONSEQUENCED VALIDTIME clauses

Release 2.0.18 - October 11th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.9


  • Parenthesis in a CURSOR FOR causes code to be commented out.

  • Issues in INSERT clause using MERGE statement.

  • License file not saved in temp location when SnowConvert is executed with a root user.

  • Parsing error for EXPAND ON statement.


  • Improvement to generated Python code, adding indentation to Exec command arguments. An example is shown in the following image.

  • Changing argument's binding format in Procedures, from a question mark (?) to a numbered index (:1, :2). An example is shown in the following image.

  • Casting string nulls to varchar(1) in VIEWs definition.

  • Support for PERIOD and END functions along with a new warning for period-related types/functions

  • Minor UI updates (some colors changed, and buttons placement). New images are displayed in the Using SnowConvert section.

Release 2.0.17 - September 27th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.6


  • Incorrect migration forQUERY TAGstatements.

  • Stack overflow caused by VIEWs containing parameters with the same name as columns of the SELECT.


  • Implicit conversions for numeric/dates parameters for several functions. More information can be found in the EWI that is generated for non-literal cases.

  • Support for file extensions.ddl and .dml, they are treated like any other.sqlfile, but the original extension is preserved.

  • Warning for possible compilation errors in Snowflake when using subqueries in OUTER JOIN statements. More info can be found on the EWI page.

  • New Logo for SnowConvert and minor UI update (some colors changed). New images are displayed in the Using SnowConvert section.

Release 2.0.16 - September 14th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.3


  • Transformation improvements for function STRTOK_SPLIT_TO_TABLE

  • Null pointer exception in Views and in SELECT with alias

  • Remove RANGE_N warning when is used within the PARTITION BY

  • Execute Immediate with concatenation is not working

  • Macro being translated as a procedure with double schema name

  • Parsing error: Last valid token was ''^''

  • Internet connection timeout taking up 2 minutes


  • Add helpers region tags in macros translated to procedures.

  • TD_DAY_OF_MONTH function transformation

  • MCHARACTERS function transformation

  • Transformation for BYTES/BYTE function and hexadecimal byte literals

Release 2.0.15 - September 1st, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.2


  • Parsing recovery for fields with empty space in their name

  • Issue with results from subqueries in Stored Procedures

  • Exception thrown when converting names with a different encoding.

  • Unnecessary warning added when converting special character in identifiers

  • Fix for parsing error inconsistent count

  • Delete alias should not be qualified.


  • Parsing recovery for .mload fields with empty space in their name.

  • STRTOK_SPLIT_TO_TABLE transformation improvement

  • Implicit conversion behavior of parameters for functions INDEX, POSITION

  • Improvements in procedure helpers and tablelist functionality

  • None Schema functionality

  • OTRANSLATE function transformation

Release 2.0.14 - August 18th, 2021


  • The confirmation pop-up window for canceling the migration process is not displayed correctly.

Release 2.0.13 - August 16th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.1.0


  • Quotes in comments causing a compiler error

  • Missing statement in output code


  • Support for STROK_SPLIT_TO_TABLE function

  • Support for TD_LEFT function

  • Support for TD_RIGHT function

Release 2.0.11 - August 4th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.0.22


  • Removed unnecessary assignment after EXEC in SP.

  • MDIFF function translating to missing UDF.

  • BTEQ Stub Generation for unsupported Statements

    • .LOGON

    • .SET WIDTH


    • .SET NULL AS


    • .LOGMECH


  • BTEQ file execution transformation

  • INTERSECT ALL not supported

  • Fix Stack Overflow due to a circular reference when top-level objects invoke each other

  • NOTFOUND Helpers generated when are not required


  • Udf Helper file reorganization

Release 2.0.10 - July 19th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.0.20


  • Unknown custom data type is causing to comment a lot of code

  • CAST NULL AS INT has unnecessary Truncate

  • Unexpected behavior when the input path is very long

  • Parsing issue with MERGEBLOCKRATIO with PERCENT

  • Cursor naming declaration and ACTIVITY_COUNT update inside cursor

  • NOWAIT statement that is part of the LOOKING is causing a parsing error

  • Trim leading being marked with Collation warning

  • MSC-ISSUE was renamed to MSC-ERROR in all the reports and output code

  • [Stored Procedures] Improved generation of MSC comments for better readability

  • [Stored Procedures] The INTO function overrides the values set by the ERRORHANDLERS function

  • [Stored Procedures] EXIT HANDLER doesn't work properly


  • [Stored Procedures] Helpers Code Regions, and better code organization.

  • EWI about procedures with out (or inout) parameters

  • SHOW command support


Release 2.0.9 - July 7th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.0.17


  • LEAD cannot be used as a column identifier

  • Stored Procedures don't handle NOT FOUND exception properly


  • Transformation for CREATE TABLE AS

  • Internet connection validation for telemetry

Release 2.0.8 - July 6th, 2021

Updated Conversion Core 3.0.15


  • JIS_COLL parsing error

  • SHOW parsing error

  • PERIOD FIELD conversion when a FORMAT or TITLE are attached

  • Functions converting to variables


  • Support to recognize Collation Constraints

  • [TPT] Transform STEP node

  • Stored-Procedure-Tags feature, to recognize each converted component, for more information about how to use it in the UI check here or in the CLI check here .

  • JSON return object for Store Procedures OUT parameters

  • Conversion for SHOW statement to GET_DDL

  • Support for "--param" to set the LOG_ON environment variables

Release 2.0.7 - June 21st, 2021

Updated Conversion Core to 3.0.12


  • Naming inconsistency for UDFs inserted by the Conversion Tool

  • Parsing error in MLOAD import

  • DBC.COLUMNSV is mapped to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS. More info here.

  • Parsing error of "Last valid token was 'field'}"

  • Export.Reset() exception in BTEQ - Python files

  • "free" command issue

  • MAC OS Big Sur issue that prevented SnowConvert from executing


  • [Assessment Report] Count of views created by "select * from..."

  • Support for TRIM with CAST integer FORMAT '99'

  • Add warnings for unsupported functions

Release 2.0.6 - June 9, 2021

Updated Conversion Core to 3.0.11


  • Generated OTHER_UDF.sql helper file has some compilation errors

  • Duplicated quit_application() statement in BTEQ - Python files

  • Extra folder created after migration in UNIX OS

  • Assessment Mode generates not wanted UDF files

  • Unbound title message in Assessment Mode GUI

Release 2.0.5 - June 7, 2021

Updated Conversion Core to 3.0.8


  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Data Types"

  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Data Values"

  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Unique Conversion Elements"

  • Generate stub for XMLAGG function

  • Conversion for REGEX_REPLACE function

  • Support helper for DATE conversion with JS EXEC

  • [TPT] Conversion percentages for most commonly used statements.

  • Recognize SESSION and use current_session()

  • New documentation about Javascript helper functions here

  • New internal documentation to Python helpers, more info here


  • Exception serializing file in temporary folder

  • Transformation for CALL with DBC.SYSEXECSQL()

  • Several parsing errors on Stored Procedures make the Conversion Rate very low.

  • LIKE statement is now converted to LIKE statement in SnowFlake

  • [TPT] Significant reduction of parsing errors in the client's workload.

  • Linux CLI crash.

Release 2.0.3

Updated Conversion Core to 3.0.7


  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Constraint / Data Values" for Assesment.docx report

  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Object naming" for Assesment.docx report

  • [Assessment Report] Add table: "Table Types" for Assesment.docx report

  • NULLS FIRST to ORDER by ASC when needed.

  • Identify unsupported usage of INTERVAL constant

  • Warning message to CREATE [SET] VOLATILE TABLE as SELECT ...


  • DATE variable comparison in Javascript Snow Procedures.


  • Performance issue, JOIN operator causes throughput degradation.

  • WITH CHECK OPTION in view definition not supported in SnowFlake

  • [CodeSmells] Top priority code smells.

  • [TPT] Transform OPERATOR node for type DDL and UPDATE


  • Some comments are getting lost during translation

  • Procedures not identified in TopLevelObject report nor Assessment report

Release 2.0.0

This version has breaking changes due to improvements in the SnowConvert Python Helpers

Updated Conversion Core to 3.0.0