Verify if your code is ready to be converted.

SnowConvert allows you to run a code assessment that will generate a report about your source code and how SnowConvert will transform your code automatically into Snowflake code.

How to Execute an Assessment

To execute an assessment for your code you will start by creating a new SnowConvert project.

  1. Start by clicking on the New Project button.

  1. Complete the project information, select the source platform, include the input path (where your source code is), and enter the access code previously requested, or you can click on the option Inquire about an access code. The Start Assessment button will be enabled.

  1. In this example, we are using Oracle, but the same will apply to every other supported platform in SnowConvert. When you click on the Start Assessment button an assessment process will start. The progress screen will inform you about the execution status.

  1. When the process is finished you are able to navigate to the results screen, which will give you insights about the analyzed code and the current support for the automatic conversion to Snowflake.

You can find a complete revision of the assessment results on the Review Results page.

Retry Assessment

After you execute an assessment, on the Assessment Results page, you can select the Retry Assessment button to run the assessment again. That is useful if you change the source code and want to analyze the new source code again.

View Assessment Output

The button View Output will open the folder where the assessment results are, those assessment results include a set of CSV files with information and statistics about your source code and the conversion readiness from the SnowConvert tool.

You can use those files to create your own reports and analyze the information generated by the Assessment execution.

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