Code Completeness Score

This section shows the Code Completeness Score.

Code Completeness Score Value

This number represents the percentage of code units whose references to other code units are correctly addressed by SnowConvert. If the score is less than one hundred represents that there is at least one code unit referencing one or more code units not included in the source code.


((total_CU - impacted_CU) / total_CU ) * 100

total_CU = total number of Code Units
impacted_CU = Code Units with missing references


IN -> Teradata_01.sql
-- Code Unit with no missing references

-- Code Unit with no missing references
SELECT * from table1;

-- Code Unit with a missing reference
SELECT * from missing_table;

Expected Code Completeness Score: 66.67

Explanation: In this case, we have 3 code units and only one of them has a missing reference. The SELECT in line 11 references another code unit called 'missing_table' whose definition is not present in the source code, therefore this SELECT is considered a code unit with missing references.

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