Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert for SQLServer during 2023.

Release 3.0.266 - September 20th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.2.73

Fixes and improvements:

  • Improve 'arrange' to correctly split triggers and indexes.

  • Improve 'arrange' to correctly recognize CREATE OR ALTER VIEW as a VIEW object.

Release 3.0.260 - September 13th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.2.63

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix transformation for EOMONTH function regardless of the letter case

  • Fix EXECUTE statement translation with arguments in procedures

Release 3.0.254 - September 7th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.2.48


  • Support for DROP IF NOT EXIST pattern

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix the preprocessing step in order to consider only .sql extension files

Release 3.0.247 - August 30th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.2.30


  • Support DECLARE CURSORS defined with CTE

  • Add validation for SQL Server arrange

Fixes and improvements:

  • Include schema on temporal tables in procedures

Release 3.0.241 - August 23rd, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.2.9

Fixes and improvements:

  • Remove blank space at the end of brackets enclosed columns

  • Update RAISERROR_UDF to not throw an exception when severity is 10 or lower

Release 3.0.229 - August 16th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.0.47


Fixes and improvements:

  • Add CREATE INDEX to the Assessment Report

  • Fix conversion rate on CREATE TABLE with Fill Factor

Release 3.0.225 - August 9th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.0.32


  • Transformation for STR function

Fixes and improvements:

  • Reduced the number of built-in functions marked with Pending Functional Review EWI

Release 3.0.222 - August 3rd, 2023

SnowConvert Core 22.0.23

Fixes and improvements:

  • Improve EWI mechanism for better consistency

Release 3.0.215 - July 26th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 21.0.170


  • Implicit zero number transformation for empty string

  • Transformation for BEGIN TRANSACTION with a label

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix parsing error related to CTE expressions.

Release 3.0.210 - July 19th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 21.0.153


Fixes and improvements:

Release 3.0.199 - July 12th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 21.0.129


  • Transformation for @@servername


  • Transformation for Transform function when using a fixed VARCHAR size

  • Removed a bug that caused MSEWI1013 to be shown where it should not

Release 3.0.181 - July 5th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 21.0.107


  • Update the license mechanism to a more secure compliant mechanism

  • Count of Materialized Views that reference multiple objects added to the Assessment Report

  • Materialized Views statements are represented as Top Level Objects in reports

  • Support return table for Stored Procedures that return more than one row

  • Count of nested cursors and cursors inside queries added to the Assessment Report

  • Support translation for ERROR_MESSAGE() function

  • Include conversion settings in the Assessment Report to view the selected conversion language such as JavaScript and Snowflake Scripting

  • Support translation for NUMERIC(X, X) data type

  • Improve exception handling


  • Remove unnecessary USING clauses being added in DELETE statements

  • Add ALTER TABLE DEFAULT constraint to CREATE TABLE columns

  • Parse TABLE HINT when INDEX = <index_value>

  • Parse UNION after a SELECT statement inside the parenthesis

  • Parse CLUSTER and RAW as identifiers

  • Parse SAVEPOINT as an identifier

Release 3.0.109 - June 8th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 21.0.43


  • Parse XML Data Type Methods in SET statement

  • The object conversion rate is 100% when MSCEWI4046 is present

  • The object conversion rate is 100% when MSCEWI1027 is present

  • The object conversion rate is 100% when MSCEWI4015 is present

  • Exceptions while converting Default Constraint Definition of ALTER TABLES

  • Assessment.docx Showing 0% instead of a hyphen (-) without objects present

  • The LoC Converted exceeded 100% in some workloads

  • Mapping STUFF function to INSERT instead of using UDF

Release 3.0.96 - May 24th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 20.4.20


  • Support translation for functions OBJECT_NAME and OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME


  • Remove ProcedureCall EWI when calling the built-in function

  • Fix exceptions while converting TSqlsQuery

Release 3.0.81 - May 10th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 20.2.8


  • The cursor complex pattern section added to .docx report


  • Remove ProcedureCall EWI when calling CAST built-in function

  • Fix parsing error related to the '\' character

  • Add MSCCP0006 EWI for complex pattern fetch inside loop

Release 3.0.70 - May 3rd, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.4.127


  • Removes UDFs from not supported functions, they are marked now only with the MSCEWI1073

  • Fix ALTER TABLE conversion rate caused by REFERENCES and CHECK NOT column constraints not being marked as converted

Release 3.0.63 - April 26th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.4.111


  • Fix on parsing of CREATE COLUMNSTORE INDEX

  • Throw statement transformed to Raise

  • Fix for Insert list referencing tables when it shouldn't.

  • Fix for a missing EWI in Alter Statement

Release 3.0.54 - April 12th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.4.67


  • Count for Temporary Tables in Assessment.docx

  • Add EWI to invalid subqueries


  • Retaining NOLOCK when it should be removed

  • Inconsistency between the EWIs number in .csv file and output code

  • Replacing branding Mobilize.Net by Snowflake

Release 3.0.32 - March 28th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.4.1


  • DATEADD with millisecond is wrongly reported as Not Supported

  • SET NOCOUNT OFF/ON causes an empty line with a single semicolon (;)

Release 3.0.18 - March 13th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.2.70


  • Add count for Dynamic SQL section in Assessment report

  • Update the subqueries section of the assessment template to count invalid subquery patterns


  • Too many arguments for function TO_TIMESTAMP_NTZ

  • SUSER_SNAME() and SUSER_NAME() should be converted to CURRENT_USER()

  • Different output when migrating two files with Scalar functions

Release 3.0.9 - February 27th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.2.40


  • Update the subqueries section of the assessment mode template to count invalid subquery patterns

  • Edit the .docx to add the cursor's information required

  • Create the rules required to count FETCH inside loops

  • Create the rules required to count nested CURSOR occurrences

  • Create the rules required to count CURSOR ref occurrences


  • Some CTEs are not being converted properly to Snowflake Scripting

Release 3.0.9 - February 13th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 18.2.4


  • Update UI for a new option to overwrite schema/data warehouse

  • Change the default database name behavior to NONE for CLI

  • Translate CTE + Update

  • Upload AssessmentMode Elements report to blob storage

  • Count table-value functions and multi-statement functions in Assessment


  • LEFT JOIN is being removed from the DELETE statement

  • CTEs are not being converted properly to Snowflake Scripting

  • Alter Table Default Values are lost

Release 2.0.299 - January 30th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 15.0.23


  • Add Cursors and Loops in procedures in Conversion Report .docx template

  • Create infrastructure to count patterns in code

  • Count table-valued functions and multi-statement functions

  • Improve encoding handling infrastructure


  • Function TRY_CAST should be maintained


  • A vulnerability reduction patch included

Release 2.0.288 - January 17th, 2023

SnowConvert Core 13.0.110


  • Translate CTE + SELECT INTO

  • Removed the deprecated conversion parameters --snowscript and --disableSnowScript from the CLI. Their functionality is now replaced with the parameter --PLTargetLanguage

  • Edit the docx template to add Cursors and Loops in procedures

  • Add fields in assessment csv for loops and cursors

  • Count the number of loop occurrences in procedures

  • Count the number of cursor occurrences in procedures


  • The data type MONEY should be mapped to Number(38,4)

Release 2.0.271 - January 2nd, 2023

SnowConvert Core 13.0.57


  • Translation for Multiple Output parameters should be declared and returned


  • UPDATE is adding a new AND condition that could interfere with OR expressions

  • Some comments on functions and procedures are lost

  • Invalid node type comparison in Assessment Summary