Release 2.0.264 - December 19th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 13.0.16


  • Translation for function DB_NAME

  • Translation for function SYSUTCDATETIME

  • Translation of CAST parameter used to style format from date to string


  • The result of the AT TIME ZONE is different in the .csv of SQL Server and the .csv of Snowflake


  • Fix to be inline as the date to string CAST documentation

Release 2.0.259 - December 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 12.0.0


  • CTE + INSERT has an incorrect conversion

  • Stabilize using Elements Report Category/GrammarElement resolvers

  • Generate object breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report

  • Generate File breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report


  • Reduce procedure exceptions in some customer workloads

  • EWI1040 is displayed but it should display EWI4063

  • Regression due to SQL Changes in DotDouble Operator

  • Stackoverflow migrating ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT

Release 2.0.246 - November 21st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.108


  • Procedures with unsupported options gives 0 % conversion rate

  • Translate OPENXML table valued function

  • Add a footer to HTML Conversion Report

  • Generate File breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report


  • Function should be preserved as Function

  • Cast issues for date/time not correctly converted

  • Some generated Javascript function is invalid

  • Date & Time functions do not work properly

  • Exception in CREATE TABLE statement

Release 2.0.235 - November 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.62


  • Support for GETUTCDATE function

  • Translation of Output parameter should be declared and returned

  • Generate overall conversion summary section in HTML Conversion Report

  • Generate issues breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report


  • FORMATMESSAGE Function Not Supported

  • Functions defined in the code are generating EWI1031 when referenced

  • SQL N strings are lost inside some Store Procedures

  • Function Generated Javascript but it should be using the Target language selected

Release 2.0.218 - October 24th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 10.0.0


  • Remove Cartesian Product from the UPDATE statement

  • Create a UDF function equivalent to xplogininfo

  • Transform Bitwise operations

  • Translate Expression AT TIME ZONE

  • Translate CTE in SELECT and CREATE VIEW


  • Cast issues for date/time not correctly converted

  • Ewis and expected code were not generated according to ALTER TABLE documentation

  • File not generated with XP_LOGININFO in INSERT

  • The table Named with @ should be replaced by T_ and the temporary table

  • Parsing error for MERGE @Table statement

Release 2.0.200 - October 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.72


  • [Alter Table] Function SWITCHOFFSET must be converted

  • [Alter Table] Parse ALTER TABLE data type

  • [Alter Table] Save ALTER TABLE default values to a CREATE TABLE statement

  • [UI] Change DBObject Name Conversion Setting text and default option to NONE


  • Comments lost in the header of procedures

  • TopLevelQueries were not generated when only dynamic SQL queries

Release 2.0.173 - September 26th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.6


  • [Alter Table] [Translation] IDENTITY column option

  • [Alter Table] Enable transformation for MEF default constraints collected

  • [Alter Table] [Translation] SPARSE column option


  • Division of integer values must add trunc function

  • Binary expression '+' must be converted to || Snowflake concatenation

Release 2.0.156 - September 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.0.37


  • Data types should be converted properly


  • DATEADD and DATEDIFF are giving issues converted together

  • Function EOMONTH should be appropriately converted

  • Store procedures Header comments are not added in the correct location

  • Unexpected 'AS' for incorrect transformation of DATE_PART

Release 2.0.130 - August 29th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.122


  • Translate MASKED WITH (FUNCTION = 'mask_function')

  • Create more specific EWI for unsupported types

  • [UDF] Transform User Defined Functions with Nested IF depth greater than 1

  • Translation for unsupported Table Elements within ALTER TABLE


  • Missing SELECT helper in a stored procedure

Release 2.0.112 - August 16th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.83


  • Translate scope_identity function

  • Transform ALTER TABLE Default Constraint using CREATE TABLE statement

  • Refactor TSqlsStat AST


  • Some duplicated procedure names with no schema are lost during arrange preprocess

  • Added cast to return value when return type should be DATE

Release 2.0.95 - August 3rd, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.47


  • Translate DEFAULT property in ALTER TABLE statement

  • Remove ALTER TABLE unsupported table options

Release 2.0.89 - August 1st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.22


  • Translate SET statements inside IF/ELSE blocks

  • Translate SELECT statements inside IF/ELSE blocks

  • Parse ALTER TABLE rebuild option

  • Remove ALTER TABLE column constraint options


  • Arrange with the pretty print flag causes an exception

  • Dates expressed by numbers are not converted properly

  • Scalar function transformed to procedure instead of Snowflake function

Release 2.0.73 - July 18th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.154


  • Robustness on the parser for ALTER TABLE statement


  • User-defined function transformed to stored procedure instead of user-defined function

Release 2.0.70 - July 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.130


  • [Snowflake Scripting] Transformation for variable assignment in SELECT


  • Preserve comments above the DDLs definition

  • Input parameter argument binding

Release 2.0.61 - July 4th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.95


  • Robustness on the parser for ALTER TABLES

  • Translation for DECLARE statements inside IF/ELSE blocks inside user-defined functions. See also MSCEWI4049.

  • Preprocessing for ALTER TABLE statement.


  • Body not generated in several user-defined functions.

  • Temporal table name reference in update statement.

  • Parameters references in SELECT queries that use columns with the same names.

Release 2.0.38 - Jun 21th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.34


Lines of code conversion rate mode is now available.

By default, the conversion rate is calculated per character transformed for more precision. Now, the user can select how this calculation is done by choosing between lines of code or characters.


  • Deployment issue on TEMPORARY tables without OR REPLACE keyword

  • Translated statements without semicolon in Snowflake Scripting

Release 2.0.21 - Jun 7th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.3.0


  • Warning for not supported statements that should be commented out.

  • MSCEWI4048 for ALTER TABLE statements

  • Transformation for RAISERROR in Snowflake Scripting

  • New EULA file with an updated version


  • Parsing exception in macOS

Release 2.0.6 - May 25th, 2022