This is the Teradata SnowConvert features roadmap

Coming Soon

  • Enable Deployment order information for Tables and Views

  • Allow the user to treat the Period Data Type as two date fields instead of the current implementation of delimited varchar.

  • Support EXPAND ON function

  • Support RESET WHEN inside Window functions

  • Support output parameters when calling a procedure

  • Support Get Diagnostics Exception


  • Preserve length for conversion from VARBYTE (length) to BINARY

  • Support PeriodData separation for arithmetic and comparison operations


  • Improve parser coverage to reduce parsing errors.

  • Update [Limited Access] SQL Translation Reference

  • Translate Stored Procedures to Snowflake SQL Stored Procedures.

  • Provide translation for more built-in functions

  • Parse and translate TPT Scripts

  • AssessmentReport improvements

  • Translation for CREATE FUNCTION

  • Enable option to suppress EWIs in converted code

  • Top Level Queries Report

  • CLI: parallel execution

  • Enable BTEQ Python helper to be downloaded via pip install command.

  • Command Line Interface on LINUX.

  • Documentation that describes the issue, adds some example codes to understand the issue and provides some recommendations for solving the Issue manually.

  • Command Line Interface on Windows and macOS