Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert during 2023.

SQL Core 27.1.20 December 19th

SQL Server

  • Transformation for Top Level Statements outside routines

  • Irrelevant keyword TEXTIMAGE_ON commented out


  • Fixes on calling built-in Tables and Views that require a schema name to run.


  • Support DAYOFMONTH function

SQL Core 27.1.11 December 12th

SQL Server

  • Fix CREATE FUNCTION body not generated exception

  • Fix function ISDATE_UDF returning not expected value

  • Mark sp_addextendedproperty with the EWI MSCEWI4075

  • Fix spaces inconsistencies in the output code


  • Support FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE as an alias name

SQL Core 27.0.11 December 5th


  • Fix performance issue with nested queries.

  • Modify UDF helpers to follow the standard name.

SQL Server

  • Fix create table calculated fields automatically generated as variant.

  • Fix quotes to PIVOT operation values.

  • Fix generated function QUOTENAME_UDF structure with Syntax error.

  • Fix mappping XML data type to VARIANT instead of TEXT.


  • Fix exception thrown on for loops.


  • Fix parsing error when using atomic as identifier.

SQL Core 26.0.4 November 28nd


  • Fix parentheses not being added to converted non-parameterized built-in functions.

SQL Server

  • Support parsing of batches of statements separated by the GO command.

  • Support parsing of the DELAY keyword as an identifier.


  • Fix parsing of the JSON_KEYS table operator.


  • Support DEFAULT clause with string value converted to numeric value when the column data type is also numeric.

  • Fix critical exception when calling RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR.

  • Fix MSCCP0004 not being added for dynamic queries inside an anonymous block.

SQL Core 23.0.6 November 22nd


  • Fix CAST to date with the format specified first not converted correctly

  • Fix parsing errors related to data type attributes and range


  • Support for anonymous blocks

SQL Core 22.5.27 November 15th


  • Optimize the conversion time

SQL Server

  • Convert NCHAR data type to NCHAR data type instead of CHAR

  • Remove closing separator in column definition

  • Support ALTER PROCEDURE statement


  • Fix the conversion of CAST inside TRIM and CAST AS TIMESTAMP ignoring the precision

  • Fix inconsistencies in the report's Issues Breakdown section


  • Fix the critical error when it is converting the RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR statement

SQL Core 22.5.10 November 8th

SQL Server

  • Fix the total number of parsing errors difference between Identified Objects and EWI1001


  • Fix the Symbol table not solving correctly the types when casting

  • Fix MSCEWI1095 disappearance when the --renamingFile flag was being used in Linux

  • Fix UseCharactersConversionRate and UseLinesOfCodeConversionRate reporting always OFF

  • Fix CREATE TABLE with a duplicated UNIQUE INDEX clause

  • Fix Comparison Operator NE not migrated to <> Operator


  • New Support for SQL%ROWCOUNT

  • Fix FORALL With UPDATE Statements in ambiguous column

  • Fix parsing of Period Definition

  • Fix the MSCEWI3118 was being removed from column alias

  • Fix parsing errors not being assigned to the CREATE TABLE node

  • Fix migration with arrange causing empty output directories

  • Fix Conversion rate not 100% with low-level EWIs in Tables

SQL Core 22.4.17 November 1st


  • Add EWI to queries with missing dependent objects

  • Include Calling_Object_Type for query references

SQL Server

  • Fix parsing error in nested comments


  • Fix default ordering direction in RANK() function conversion


  • Support transformation of Raise_Application_Error

  • Support transformation of JSON_VALUE function

  • Support parsing of anonymous blocks

  • Support parsing of GENERATE AS IDENTITY column option

  • Fix multiple parsing errors in sample workloads

SQL Core 22.4.2 October 25th


  • Optimize local symbols resolution for query scope

  • Improve friendly name for MSCEWI1050 and docx report

SQL Server

  • Parse NEXT VALUE FOR expression

  • Fix NLiteral Expressions wrong concatenation

  • Fix preprocessing bugs related to temporal table and merge into table with columns


  • Fix wrong NAMED phrase conversion.


  • Parse MOVE as an identifier

  • Optimize Common Table Expression transformation

SQL Core 22.3.4 October 18th


  • Transformation for output parameters with dynamic result sets.

  • Fix CAST delimiting inside boolean operations.

  • Fix Parsing Error in CAST of FORMAT DATE.

  • Commenting the statement HELP STATISTICS.


  • Fix error caused by Keyword enumeration being out of sync.

  • Fix table properties not showing up as an EWI.

  • Remove MSCINF0003 present in SqlIndexLocConversionRate.

  • Transformation for Flashback Query.

  • Add MSCEWI1050 to nested objects.

SQL Server

  • Fix parsing error when alias is NVARCHAR.

  • Exception caused when inserting in temporal table inside a function.

  • Fix JOIN not being added when converting DELETE statement.

  • Parse Alter DATABASE.

SQL Core 22.2.137 October 11th


  • SnowConvert banker's rounding removed as PrPr in reports for Snowflake.

  • Fix count of data type attributes inside procedures.

  • Improve parsing of TPT's APPLY statement to avoid exceptions.


  • Fix parsing causing stack overflow related to the UNION ALL operator.

SQL Core 22.2.116 October 4th

SQL Server

  • Parse CREATE USER for users based on logins in master syntax

  • Parse and comment ALTER LOGIN


  • Support for WHERE conditions in IMPORT APPLY for MLOAD scripts


  • When Triggers are not presented in the source code, the Assessment.docx reports “-” instead of “0%”

  • Fix file not generated when the procedure has a Cursor declaration with a pseudotype

  • Improve parsing error not being displayed inside functions that are part of packages

SQL Core 22.2.90 September 27th


  • Fix complex pattern Issue showing for subqueries related to EXISTS/ NOT EXISTS, SOME

  • Fix complex pattern Issue showing for subqueries related to IN/NOT IN, ALL/ANY

SQL Server

  • New Support for sys.foreign_keys using information_schema.table_constraints

  • New Support for TRY_PARSE function

  • Fix arrange crash when using special encoding

  • Fix exception in try_cast conversion

  • Fix conversion of numeric data types in parameters


  • New SplitPeriodDatatype and DisableTopologicalLevelReorder parameters to Assessment.json


  • Fix %TYPE operator not working when objects are not fully qualified