Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert during 2024.

SQL Core 28.2.32 April 30th

This version is currently in preview.

  • Improved the EmbeddedCodeUnitReport. Added four more columns: FDM Count, PRF Count, FDM and PRF.

  • Added new breaking change at the UI. Now, the user will have to inquire about an access code for doing their assessment. For more details, please check here.

  • [SQLServer] Added translation for DB_ID function.

  • [SQLServer] Added basic translation for CREATE SCHEMA.

  • [SQLServer] Added an FDM for CREATE INDEX.

  • [Teradata] Improved binding variable translations.

  • [Teradata] Added new parsing capability for BYTE data type.

  • [Oracle] Improved translation of procedure parameters avoiding deployment errors.

SQL Core 28.2.11 April 24th

This version is currently in preview.


  • Added a new assessment report EmbeddedCodeUnitReport, for more information, please visit here.

  • Improved the TopLevelCodeUnitReport. Added four more columns: FDM Count, PRF Count, FDM and PRF. For more information, please visit here.

  • Fixed an unexpected error in creating an assessment report.


  • Added translation for CONTINUE HANDLER.


  • Added and improved parsing capability to read EXPLAIN PLAN statement, U-Literals and CTAS.

  • Improve CURSOR translation when it has to define a cursor with object_construct.


  • Improved ALTER TABLE translation.

SQL Core 28.1.113 April 17th


  • Improved the mechanism of line counting.


  • Improved the parser to read line breaks within Bracket Identifiers.

  • Improved translation for Alter Table commenting on the default constraints.

  • Improved translation robustness.


  • Added more parsing functionality to read REVOKE, EXIT and ^= inequality operator.

  • Improved the parser to avoid errors when reading ENABLE LOGICAL REPLICATION ALL KEYS

  • Improved the assessment to identify correctly the BEGIN/END code unit .

SQL Core 28.1.100 April 9th


  • Improved the parsing functionality, resulting in the resolution of numerous parsing errors (SSC-EWI-0001)


  • Add parsing functionality for REMOVE statement

  • Fixed alias lost issue

  • COLLECT STATISTICS changed from EWI to FDM


  • Improved the parsing functionality for:

    • SQL*Plus SPOOL command

    • Multiline table name or column name

    • Subqueries with a correlation name

    • Partition by and Global partition by clauses

  • Improved conversion robustness


  • Fixed double quote lost in translation issue

  • Fixed translation when INSERT is used as function name

  • Fixed translation for COS function

SQL Core 28.1.78 March 26th


  • Added significant improvements to parsing functionality, resulting in the resolution of numerous parsing errors.


  • Fixed RETURN of OPEN CURSOR when inside COMPOUND and LABEL statements.

  • Fixed column names converted as bind variables in INSERT statements.

  • Fixed RTRIM being added to SET in UPDATE statements.

  • Fixed VARCHAR's length missing when casting to VARCHAR.

  • Improved transformation of CAST functionalities.

  • Removed 'YYYY-MM-DD' date format showing as unsupported.


  • Added transformation for UPDATE SELECT statements.

  • Added transformation for STORED PROCEDURE calls inside SELECT statements.

  • Improved transformation of FOREIGN KEY constraints defined in CREATE TABLE by moving them to ALTER TABLE statements.

SQL Server

  • Added transformation for Table Value Constructor in SELECT statement.

  • Added transformation for TINYINT casting.

  • Added transformation for the SYSDATETIMEOFFSET function.

  • Added transformation for sp_rename functionality for TABLEs and COLUMNs.

  • Fixed transformation for DEFAULT constraint not being added to CREATE TABLE.

  • Fixed TABLEs created by SELECT INTO statements showing as a missing object.

  • Improved transformation of CREATE PROCEDURE when returning RESULTSET variables.

  • Improved the transformation of ALTER TABLE statements by commenting out the WITH CHECK/NOCHECK clause and CHECK constraint, as they are redundant in Snowflake.

  • Removed unnecessary CREATE and DROP index statements, as they are redundant in Snowflake.

SQL Core 28.1.20 March 19


  • Added New Code Unit Methodology

  • Added Code Completeness Score

  • Added New Reports: Top Level Code Unit Report and Scope Validation Report.

  • Provide tables conversion for free.

  • Improved SnowConvert messages - EWI, FDMs, and PRF

SQL Core 28.0.14 February 7th


  • Foreign keys referencing views marked as not supported in Snowflake

  • Foreign keys data type mismatch marked as not supported in Snowflake

SQL Server

  • Fix MODULUS operation exception when using a column without table reference

  • Fix tables inside procedures that are being reported as objects in Assessment.docx

SQL Core 28.0.11 January 25th


  • Reorder option NOT NULL before COMMENT in column table definitions


  • Fix resolution of Symbol Procedures now considering parameters

SQL Core 28.0.9 January 22nd

SQL Server

  • Generating RAISE exception info in BEGIN-TRY CATCH Block


  • Fix parsing error of VARRAY in table properties

  • Add transformation for SDO_GEOMETRY

SQL Core 28.0.3 January 16th


  • Fix wrong filename in Top level object report.

SQL Server

  • Support translation of XML functions.

SQL Core 27.1.43 January 9th

SQL Server

  • Add conversion support for comments (sp_addextendedproperty).

  • Fix SnowConvert demo has object counting inconsistencies.

  • Fix default alter not generating in different batches.

  • Fix conversion rate above 100% in SnowConvert demo.

  • Remove GO statement due to functionality already simulated with anonymous blocks


  • Fix the wrong column size of view when using LEFT on CAST as a VARCHAR.


  • Fix nested functions are being counted as functions inside packages.

  • Fix TRUNC_UDF() included in Oracle conversion. but references Teradata.

SQL Core 27.1.29 January 2nd

SQL Server

  • Fix some missing dependencies issues generated that were incorrect.

  • Fix of Assessment json report when it generates wrong numeric string format.

  • Added the transformation of DELETE STATEMENT common pattern to remove duplicated rows.

  • Added the transformation for Select Objects inside an If Statement in Anonymous Blocks.


  • Added parsing support for ALTER SESSION with PARALLEL.

  • Fix values on the Docx Report that were missing.

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