How to inquire about an access code

Access code information

SnowConvert is a tool managed, developed, and supported by the Snowflake Professional Services (PS) team and is not a part of the general Snowflake Service. While the assessment mode for SnowConvert is a free feature, conversion capabilities or conversion mode of the SnowConvert tool requires an access code for each platform you may be looking to convert. Access codes require an engagement with Snowflake PS based on your specific conversion project and plan. Please get in touch with your Account Executive or Snowflake PS representative to discuss the options that can be made available for you to leverage SnowConvert and obtain access codes.

Access Code Options

There are two modes for SnowConvert:

Assessment Mode

When running SnowConvert on Assessment mode, you can run an unlimited quantity of code through the tool, but you can only view the output reports. (Note: Any reference to using SnowConvert in "Qualification" mode also refers to assessment.). Learn more about Assessment Mode. There are two ways to inquire about an access code for Assessment: 1. Help -> Request an access code -> Assessment

2. When a new project is being created, the access code will be requested to execute the assessment, so if you do not have any access code yet, click on the link, Inquire about an access code, and then complete the form displayed.

NOTE: Once the form information is sent, you will receive an email with the Assessment access code. If you need special assistance, please get in touch with our customer support team at

Full Conversion Mode

If you have a conversion access code, you can get the converted output code (compatible with Snowflake), the assessment reports, and additional reports. Learn more about Conversion Mode. There are two ways to inquire about an access code for conversion: 1. Help -> Request an access code -> Conversion. The same form as the assessment request is displayed. 2. Once the project is created, click the SAVE & SKIP ASSESSMENT button and inquire about an access code from the Conversion step.

The same is true for the conversion process. When you send the information required to obtain the conversion access code, this will be sent to the email provided; if not, please get in touch with our customer support team at

NOTE: The access codes you used will be displayed when you click on the field corresponding to the access code so you can use them in the future.

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