General Conversion Settings

General Settings for SnowConvert

Materialized views conversion settings

On this page, you will find the necessary options to customize the parameters for translating Materialized Views (or join indexes in Teradata) to Dynamic Tables during your conversion.

To preserve the full functionality of Materialized Views, or Teradata's Join Indexes, SnowConvert generates Dynamic Tables instead of creating a one-to-one Materialized View or transforming a Join Index into a Materialized View. This approach is necessary because Snowflake lacks certain configuration options available in other systems' Materialized Views.

For further details on the limitations of Snowflake's Materialized Views, please refer to Materialized Views Limitations.


The settings defined here will apply to every instance of a Dynamic Table generated during the conversion process.

Dynamic Table Conversion Settings:

  • Target Lag: This setting specifies the maximum allowable time for the dynamic table's content to lag behind updates in the base table. For example, setting this to 5 minutes ensures that the data in the dynamic table is no more than 5 minutes behind the base table's updates.

  • Warehouse: This setting specifies the name of the Warehouse that supplies the computing resources for refreshing the dynamic table. You must have the USAGE privilege on this warehouse to create the dynamic table. By default, Snowconvert will use a placeholder value.

For more information, please refer to the Snowflake Dynamic Table documentation.

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