Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert for Teradata during 2022.

Release 3.0.260 - December 26th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 13.0.31


  • Support DAYNUMBER_OF_MONTH function with the exception of the ISO parameter, it is now transformed to DAYOFMONTH

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix multiload DML labels with multiple actions causing the UPSERT operations transformation to fail due to parsing errors

  • Fix multiload UPSERT transformation generating MERGE statements with bad syntax in Snowflake

Release 3.0.257 - December 19th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 13.0.16


  • Support NORMALIZE clause

Fixes and improvements:

  • Duplicated schema added inside execute immediate in scripts

Release 3.0.253 - December 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 12.0.0


  • Support finalwdname column for dbc.dbqlogtbl table, is now transformed to session_id

  • Add support XMLAGG function when no arguments were added, continues being transformed to LISTAGG function

Fixes and improvements:

  • Inconsistent transformation of DBC columns references due to aliases

  • MLOAD critical exception due to $ identifiers inside RUN FILE

  • Preserve table constraint names, it was previously lost when transformed to an ALTER TABLE

  • Parsing error caused by CONDITION_IDENTIFIER inside GET DIAGNOSTICS EXCEPTION statement

  • Transformation failing when using ATTACH name as a column alias

  • CALL DBC.SysExecSQL inner string with variables is processed as an embedded SQL statement and transformed accordingly

  • Mark COMPOUND labels and associated LEAVE statements as not supported by Snowflake Scripting

Release 3.0.240 - November 21st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.108


  • Support Main Log Table (DBQLogTbl) and its columns StartTime and FirstStepTime

  • Support Expand On clause for it uses Anchored Interval

  • Add --RenamingFile conversion parameter for the CMD tool only, it allows specifying new names for objects such as Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, and Macros utilizing a .json file. For more information visit the documentation

  • The default DB Object Name configuration option is now None resulting in all migrated objects now being without PUBLIC schema

  • The DB Object Name configuration Public has been removed, its behavior can still be replicated with Database

Fixes and improvements:

  • STRTOK_SPLIT_TO_TABLE with ORDER BY clause making the tool crash

  • Missing column name definitions on queries when the column has cast to CHAR

Release 3.0.224 - October 31st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.28


  • Added new code arrange functionality to prepare the code before the migration, for an in-depth explanation visit the documentation

  • Support WeekNumber_Of_Quarter function, is now transformed to WEEKNUMBER_OF_QUARTER_UDF

  • Support DayNumber_Of_Year function, is now transformed to DAYOFYEAR

  • Support cast to date with syntax {d '2022-09-10'} from Teradata version 16.2, is now transformed to DATE('2022-09-10')

Fixes and improvements:

  • Enclose column names containing the character '#' between double quotes to avoid syntax error

  • Comment the uses of NORMALIZE as it is not supported at this time

Release 3.0.188 - October 24th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 10.0.0

Fixes and improvements:

  • Line breaks not been preserved inside embedded code as string resulting in execution errors.

Release 3.0.172 - October 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.72


  • Support SOUNDEX function, is now transformed to SOUNDEX_P123

  • Support BTEQ error block conditions to Snowflake Scripting

  • Support CALL DBC.SysExecSQL, is now transformed to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE

Fixes and improvements:

  • Interval day to second migrated to VARCHAR, the length of the varchar was increased to 21 to avoid runtime errors

  • Substring function transformation now supports both ANSI and Teradata syntax avoiding the loss of parameters

  • Alias name assigned to TD_UNPIVOT is preserved

  • Additional column references not resolving in TD_UNPIVOT

Release 3.0.176 - September 28th, 2022

SnowConvert Core

Fixes and improvements:

  • Date column plus cast to interval value, the Snowflake translation now uses DATEADD function instead

Release 3.0.166 - September 26th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.6


  • Support variable placeholders from BTEQ to Snowflake Scripting transformation

  • Support Period Data Type separation on flag demand

  • Add Period Data Type separation as a conversion option to the UI

Fixes and improvements:

  • Missing support for SELECTS with TOP n TOP m percentage

  • Support concatenation !! operator corner case

Release 3.0.158 - September 20th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.0.69


  • Support LAST function for period data type

Fixes and improvements:

  • Double single quotes not getting added to dynamic SQL strings

  • Dynamic SQL preserve change of lines

  • TD UNPIVOT JOINED causing parsing errors

  • UESCAPE in column name not being resolved in a view causing to comment all the code

Release 3.0.154 - September 14th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.0.48

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug that causes UI to not display the text in certain windows

Release 3.0.148 - September 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.0.37


  • Provide decimals to conversion rate values in TopLevelObjects and TopLevelQueries reports

  • Support BEGIN TRANSACTION in LOCKING Request Modifier as part of the SQL Request

Fixes and improvements:

  • Column name being changed when inside a subquery

Release 3.0.125 - August 29th, 2022

SnowConvert Core


  • The target language for Stored Procedures, Macros and BTEQ by default is now SnowScripting

  • Bteq log_on method now allows the connection using OAUTH token associated with snowconvert-helpers 2.0.14

Fixes and improvements:

  • Cast Varchar to Timestamp format error

  • Improve conversion for VARBYTE (length) data type to preserve the length

  • Column names with line breaks to preserve the line break in the result transformation

Release 3.0.113 - August 16th, 2022

SnowConvert Core


  • Add support for returning multiple cursors resultsets

  • Add double decimal precision for conversion rates on assessment reports

  • Substitute Label calls with label block statements from BTEQ to SnowScripting

Fixes and improvements:

  • Parsing Error associated with the line breaks in the quoted column names

  • View definition is after it uses causing an error due to unwanted topological reordering

  • DATE cast to VARCHAR FORMAT error

Release 3.0.84 - August 01st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.22



  • Support Calendar functions

  • Support TO_BYTES function

  • ERRORCODE and ACTIVITYCOUN mapped to SQLCODE and SQLROWCOUNT from BTEQ to SnowScripting

  • IF structure from BTEQ to SnowScripting

Fixes and improvements:

  • Issues.csv has some data with Return characters

  • Fix EWI inconsistencies in the TopLevelQueries report

  • Inconsistent hyphens in .docx report

Release 3.0.69 - July 18th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.154


  • St_SphericalDistance function transformation to Haversine

  • CURDATE function transformation to CURRENT_DATE

  • INSTR function transformation to REGEXP_INSTR SF function

  • DAYNUMBER_OF_WEEK function transformation to TD_DAY_OF_WEEK_UDF

  • WEEKNUMBER_OF_YEAR function transformation to WEEK_OF_YEAR_UDF

Fixes and improvements:

  • Missing comments for DECLARE variable and LOCK TABLE

  • UDF Function MONTHS_BETWEEN result has more decimals than Teradata

  • Reference to calculated column within the same query

  • Table alias inside UPDATE statement

  • Continue handler does not comment correctly when facing a parsing error

  • UDF function FULL_DAY_NAME is not being inserted in the UDF Helpers folder

  • TD_YEAR_END and TD_YEAR_BEGIN are incorrectly migrated

  • Update statement is adding the table in the FROM clause

  • Assessment inconsistencies occurred while migrating DynamicSql statements

  • Some warnings been reported as MSCEWI2023 while migrating scripts to python

Release 3.0.68 - July 5th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.98

Fixes and improvements:

  • Transformation of PROFILE to Snowflake

  • Support for functions TD_YEAR_END and TD_YEAR_BEGIN

  • Fix FULL_DAY_NAME UDF not existing

Release 3.0.60 - July 4th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.83


  • Snowflake Script custom errors exception handling

Fixes and improvements:

  • SYS_CALENDAR.Public.Calendar Table not added

  • The Quarter of Year function was not supported

  • The TD_SYSFNLIB.YEARNUMBER_OF_CALENDAR function was not recognized

  • Fix newly integrated critical exceptions in workloads

  • Number Alias incorrect

  • The Next Day function was not recognized

Release 3.0.38 - June 20th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.30


  • Macro returning multiple resultsets

  • Update logos in UI/Doc/Reports

Fixes and improvements:

  • Trim for collate columns must add a warning and a possible

  • Cursor when needing bind variables needs to be migrated with using syntax

  • Macro Snowscript with CTE does not return the values

  • SUBSTR function is not recognized

Release 3.0.28 - June 9th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.1


  • Reduce exceptions in current workloads supporting unmanaged cases in some transformations

Fixes and improvements:

  • A call to a procedure is not being qualified with the PUBLIC schema using Snowflake Scripting

  • Helper PUBLIC.TIMESTAMP_DIFFERENCE_UDF can not be deployed

Release 3.0.21 - June 7th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.3.0


  • Consistency in adding 'PUBLIC' to tables in FROM and WHERE clauses

  • Change EULA file to a new and updated version

Fixes and improvements:

  • Columns are not being qualified with PUBLIC schema

  • Incorrect operation between timestamp and INTERVAL

  • Incorrect conversion of Cast to VARCHAR

  • Time Zone operation with MAX function is not using the column in the result code

  • Parsing errors in Stored procedures are causing its content to be outside the procedure

  • Column name with UESCAPE in a table definition is not being converted

  • Add_Month Function Fix

  • Time Zone operation with MAX function is not using the column in the result code

  • EWI MSCEWI1013 is not shown in the code (conversion of Macro to Procedure)

Release 3.0.6 - May 25th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.2.6


  • Support for Prepare Statement in Snowflake Scripting