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This section shows information about the Script Files section of the Teradata Assessment Report.

This page of the documentation is for Teradata only.

Conversion Rate - Files Generated

Indicates the file generation percentage grouped by valid file extension (shown in the image above).

You can refer to further information about this topic in the Conversion Rate Modes section of our documentation.


(successfully_generated_files / total_valid_files) * 100

Associated CSV Field names

  • BTEQ Files Conversion Rate: BTEQFilesConversionRate

  • FastLoad Files Conversion Rate: FastLoadFilesConversionRate

  • MultiLoad Files Conversion Rate: MultiLoadFilesConversionRate

  • TPT Files Conversion Rate: TPTFilesConversionRate

  • TPump Files Conversion Rate: TPumpFilesConversionRate

Conversion Rate - Lines of Code (LOC)

Indicates the Lines of Code conversion percentage per file extension.


(successfully_converted_lines / total_line_amount_per_file_extension) * 100

Associated CSV Field names

  • BTEQ LOC Conversion Rate: BTEQLoCConversionRate

  • FastLoad LOC Conversion Rate: FastLoadLoCConversionRate

  • MultiLoad LOC Conversion Rate: MultiLoadLoCConversionRate

  • TPT LOC Conversion Rate: TPTLoCConversionRate

  • TPump LOC Conversion Rate: TPumpLoCConversionRate

Total File Quantity

Indicates the total amount of files of each type. It is used to calculate the Files Generated conversion rate.

Associated CSV Field names

  • BTEQ Total File Quantity: BTEQFileCount

  • FastLoad Total File Quantity: FastLoadFileCount

  • MultiLoad Total File Quantity: MultiLoadFileCount

  • TPT Total File Quantity: TPTFileCount

  • TPump Total File Quantity: TPumpFileCount


input folder
  ├> one.bteq
  ├> two.tpt
  ├> three.doc
  └> readme.txt

From the previous, we will get:

  • Number of BTEQ files: 1

  • Number of TPT files: 1

Total LOC

Indicates the total amount of lines of code per file extension. It is used to calculate the Lines of Code conversion..

Associated CSV Field names

  • BTEQ Total LOC: BTEQLinesCount

  • FastLoad Total LOC: FastLoadLinesCount

  • MultiLoad Total LOC: MultiLoadLinesCount

  • TPT Total LOC: TPTLinesCount

  • TPump Total LOC: TPumpLinesCount

Indicates the total amount of parsing errors per file extension.

Associated CSV Field names

  • BTEQ Total Parsing Errors: BTEQTotalParsingErrors

  • FastLoad Total Parsing Errors: FastLoadTotalParsingErrors

  • MultiLoad Total Parsing Errors: MultiLoadTotalParsingErrors

  • TPT Total Parsing Errors: TPTTotalParsingErrors

  • TPump Total Parsing Errors: TPumpTotalParsingErrors


IN -> Teradata_01.sql
-- Additional Params: -q SnowScript
  first_column INTEGER

Explanation: In the example below, there is a parsing error when creating the table due to the incorrect use of the square brackets ([]), lines 1 and 3. This will be shown in the report as 1 parsing error in the TPT files row.

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