SQL Translation Reference

This section provides information about the translation that SnowConvert performs, over Teradata SQL Syntax to Snowflake.

Use this as a guide to understand how the transformed code might look when migrating from Teradata to Snowflake. SQL has a similar syntax between dialects, but each dialect can extend or add new functionalities.

For this reason, when running SQL in one environment (such as Teradata) vs. another (such as Snowflake), there are many statements that require transformation or even removal. These transformations are done by SnowConvert.

Browse through the following pages to find more information about specific topics.

  • Data Types, compare Teradata data types and their equivalents in Snowflake.

  • DDL, explore the translation of the Data Definition Language.

  • DML, explore the translation of the Data Manipulation Language.

  • Built-in Functions, compare functions included in the runtime of both languages.

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