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The START command runs the SQL*Plus statements in the specified script. The script can be called from the local file system or from a web server. (Oracle SQL Plus User's Guide and Reference)

STA[RT] {url | file_name[.ext] } [arg...]
!(load | source) {url | file_name[.ext] }

The Snowflake !source and !load commands are equivalent.

1. Simple start

The START command is replaced by the !load command.

This case is functionally equivalent.


START C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\My\Path\insert_script.sql

SnowSQL (CLI Client)

!load C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\My\Path\insert_script.sql

2. Start with arguments


START C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\My\Path\insert_script.sql 123 456 789

SnowSQL (CLI Client)

!load C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\My\Path\insert_script.sql

Script arguments are currently not supported for SnowSQL (CLI Client).

Known Issues

1. Arguments are not supported in the SnowSQL CLI Client

Oracle can pass down multiple arguments to a script and can be accessed with &1, &2, and so on, but this cannot be done in the SnowSQL CLI Client. You can simulate arguments by declaring variables with the !define command. Keep in mind that these values are defined globally for all the scripts so the behavior may not be equivalent.

This workaround would look something like this:

!set variable_substitution=true
!define 1=123
!define 2=456
!define 3=789
!load C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\My\Path\insert_script.sql

No related EWIs.

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