Translation reference to convert INDEX statement to Snowflake

Currently, Create Index statement is not being converted but it is being parsed. Also, if your source code has Create index statements, these are going to be accounted for in the Assessment Report.

Example of Create Index

CREATE INDEX (col1, col2, col3) ORDER BY VALUES (col2) ON table1;

CREATE INDEX my_index_name ON my_table (column1, column2);

Due to architectural reasons, Snowflake does not support indexes so, SnowConvert will remove all the code related to the creation of indexes. Snowflake automatically creates micro-partitions for every table that help speed up the performance of DML operations, the user does not have to worry about creating or managing these micro-partitions.

Usually, this is enough to have a very good query performance however, there are ways to improve it by creating data clustering keys. Snowflake's official page provides more information about micro-partitions and data clustering.

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