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The SET command sets a system variable to alter the SQL*Plus environment settings for your current session. (Oracle SQL Plus User's Guide and Reference)

SET system_variable value
!set <option>=<value>

Snowflake recommends not adding whitespace in the variable value assignment statement.

1. Set with simple variable assignment

This case is functionally equivalent.

The SET command is replaced by the !set command.


SET wrap on

SnowSQL (CLI Client)

!set wrap=true

2. Define without variable assignments

This case is not functionally equivalent.

Oracle allows bypassing the key-value rule for assigning values to system variables with a numeric domain, assigning the value of 0 by default in such cases. In Snowflake this is not allowed, so an alternative is to set the value of 0 to a said variable explicitly.


SET pagesize

SnowSQL (CLI Client)

!set rowset_size=0

Known Issues

1. Predefined variables

The SET command only works for system variables, which may differ in quantity, name, or domain between the two languages, so a review should be done on the variable being used within the command to find its correct Snowflake equivalence. To see the list of system variables in Oracle you can use the command SHOW ALL whereas in Snowflake you can use !options.

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