What is a SnowConvert Project?

With the new unified version of SnowConvert a new concept of projects is being added

What is a SnowConvert Project (.snowct)?

This concept introduces the ability to execute the tool and persist the status of an Assessment or Conversion project and all its configurations like Source Platform, Conversion Settings, Status of the latest successfully executed step, and others.

Each time that you click on "Save & Skip Assessment" or " Save & Start Assessment" a project file (with the extension .snowct) will be created in the same folder that you chose as the input folder that contains the source code that you want to convert.

As a user, you will be able to:

  1. Open the SnowConvert project by double-clicking the .snowct file

  2. Open the SnowConvert project by clicking on "Open Project"

  1. Clicking on File -> Open Recents, this will show you the list of projects that you recently open in SnowConvert

Once you execute any of these flows the tool will redirect you to the same state of the tool that you were executing when you closed the tool.

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