Command Line Interface

Integrate Spark SnowConvert for Spark into your CI/CD process with the CLI version of the tool.

Quick start

To execute a conversion with the Spark SnowConvert for Scala CLI you must have an active license. Currently, the licenses for the CLI are different than the UI, but if you already have a license for the UI you should be able to reuse the same license key. In the section below we show how to install a license key.
There are several Command Line Arguments documented below, but the main ones are -i for the input folder and -o for the output folder.


  • Input Scala Code must compile.
  • Scala supported version is 2.12.
  • Spark supported version is 3.1.2.
  • Java VM version 8.0 or higher
    • javap application should be included in the path environment variable.

Install a license

To install a license key just execute Spark SnowConvert CLI program with the -l argument and the license key.
> sparkSnowct-scala.exe -l <license-key>

Migrate a folder

To migrate a folder just execute Spark SnowConvert CLI program with the -i <INPUT FOLDER> and -o <OUTPUT FOLDER> arguments.
> sparkSnowct-scala.exe -i ~/Documents/Workspace/Code -o ~/Documents/Workspace/Output

CLI Arguments

Basic Conversion
-i, --input <PATH> (Required)
The path to the folder or file containing the input source code.
-o, --output <PATH> (Required)
The path to the output folder where the converted code and reports will be stored.
-a, --assessmentmode
Flag to indicate whether or not to generate only Assessments files. By default, it's set to FALSE.
-e, --executionmode
The execution mode for the tool to execute, can be either "conversion" or "assessment".
-l, --licensekey
The license key to activate.
-s, --ShowLicense
Shows the license info.
Displays this help screen
Displays the version information.