Installation and Licensing

Install the local SnowConvert application.

This is a deprecated version of the SnowConvert documentation, please visit the official site HERE.


Now that you've downloaded the tool, you can run the installer. Follow the steps below to get started using SnowConvert.

SnowConvert can be installed on either of the following operating systems:

  • Windows

  • Mac

Follow the steps below to install the tool for your OS.

Windows Installation

  1. Click on the downloaded .exe file.

  2. On the initial setup screen, you will have to agree with the license agreement. (Note that you can read the entire End User License Agreement for SnowConvert on this documentation site.)

  3. The installer sets up all the required files on your machine.

  4. Once the installation finishes, the tool is ready to use. You can click "Finish" to start using SnowConvert.

Mac Installation

  1. Click on the downloaded .dmg file.

  2. Double-click on the Snowflake SnowConvert logo.

Once your installation is complete, you can launch SnowConvert. When you first launch the application, it will prompt you for a license.

License Information

When you launch SnowConvert for the first time, it will prompt you for the license key. Before we get too far, if you do not have a license at all, have an issue with an existing license, or wish to renew your license, please reach out to the appropriate contact for licensing:

A way to automatically generate a license is currently under construction.

License Options

There are two types of licenses that are currently available:

  • Assessment Mode: When running SnowConvert with an Assessment mode license, you will be able to run an unlimited quantity of code through the tool, but you will only be able to view the output reports. (Note: Any reference to using SnowConvert in "Qualification" mode is also referring to assessment.)

  • Full Conversion Mode: If you have a full conversion license, you will be able to not only view the output reporting present in the assessment version, but you will receive the output code (compatible with Snowflake) along with some additional reports.

Regardless of whether you're in assessment or conversion mode, SnowConvert will not run without a license. You're going to have to set it up if you're going to run SnowConvert.

Initial Launch and Licensing

When you first use the tool, it will prompt you for a license. This license should have been emailed to you after you downloaded the tool. (If you did not receive a license, reach out to the appropriate contact listed above.)

To activate your license, follow these steps:

  1. Run the downloaded Snowflake SnowConvert executable program file.

  2. Check your email for your license key.

  3. When you launch SnowConvert for the first time, the license key is required and SnowConvert will prompt you for it.

  4. Enter your License Key, then click on the Activate button.

Renewing or Replacing a License

If you've already launched SnowConvert or if you need to change your license, you can input a new license key from the application at any time.

  1. Open SnowConvert.

  2. Navigate to the License Information option. If you are using the Windows application, the License Information option can be found under the help menu: If you are using the Mac application, you can find the License Information option under the named application menu as shown here:

  3. On the License Information screen, you will see some information about your license. Choose "Change License" from the menu:

  4. Input a new license key into the box on the following screen.

And that's it. You should be good to go. Let's take a look at everyone's favorite piece of documentation on the next page: the End User License Agreement.

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