FAQ and Troubleshooting

This is a deprecated version of the SnowConvert documentation, please visit the official site HERE.

Invalid Access Code error on VDI

If you activated an access code on a VDI and the next time you use it (usually after you shutdown the VM or disconnect from the VDI) it reports an invalid access code error:

That could be a problem with the virtualization software that is being used. SnowConvert access codes are tied to the computer’s serial number. That means that an activated access code can only be used by the same computer, and does not matter if you try to copy the files into another computer it won’t work unless the serial number is the same. Therefore the virtualization software should keep the same UUID on the virtualized machine or this error will appear.

To solve this error and activate the license again you should delete the current activation files that are located in the following folders: For Windows:

C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Roaming\Snowflake Inc

For macOS:

/Users/<Your User>/.config/Snowflake Inc

The virtualized software must be configured to keep the UUID or the error will happen again and you will need to activate the access code again after following the steps above.

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