Issues Report

This section describes the contents of issues.csv

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The issues.csv contains information about every single issue that was added to the output code, this could be a warning or an error.

  • SessionID: Numeric value that identifies the specific session for the migration.

  • Name: The name of the issue.

  • Description: Brief description of the issue.

  • Severity: The gravity of the error that ranges from low, medium, high and critical.

  • Line: A number indicating the line in the statement that the issue was found.

  • Column: A number indicating the position inside the statement where the issue was found.

  • Parent File: The name of the file to which the object with issue belongs to. Uses the relative path starting from the input directory.

  • Top Level Category: Category of the top-level object where the issue was found.

  • Code: Unique identifier for the issue.

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