Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert for Oracle during 2022.

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Release 2.0.264 - December 20th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 13.0.23


Parsing for some SQL*Plus statements


  • Recognize some FORALL patterns.

  • Translation Specification of FORALL patterns.

  • Add casting when accessing DATE and TIMESTAMP fields in objects.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix duplicated constants in functions/procedures inside packages.

  • Fix transformation for INSERT with a record value

  • Fix some conversion errors.

Release 2.0.259 - December 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 12.0.0


  • Generate object breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report.

  • Transform the Parameterized Cursor declaration.

  • Transform the OPEN statement of parameterized cursors.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix function is not recognized when it is a Synonym.

Release 2.0.245 - November 21st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.108


  • Support new cases of MATERIALIZED VIEWS.

  • Footer added to HTML Conversion Report.

  • File breakdown added HTML Conversion Report.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix duplicated comments in package elements when there are parsing errors.

  • Fix deployment error when mixing named and positional parameters in procedure calls.

  • Fix transformation of date operations inside procedures.

Release 2.0.234 - November 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 11.0.62


  • Generate issues breakdown section in HTML Conversion Report.

  • Generate overall conversion summary section in HTML Conversion Report.

  • Transform the Empty RETURN statement in Procedures to Snowflake Scripting.

  • Support for SELECT INTO record clause to Snowflake Scripting.

  • Provide additional execution information step for pre-processing.

Fixes and improvements

  • Change the RETURN statement when there are output parameters in Procedures to Snowflake Scripting.

  • Fix some cases for files not generated.

  • Fix for procedure calls inside functions with None schema.

  • Add EWI message to declaration and usages of the built-in packages composite data types.

Release 2.0.219 - October 25th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 10.0.0


  • Initial transformation for MATERIALIZED VIEWS.

Fixes and improvements

  • Constraints modifiers removed in NOT NULL constraints.

  • Improve EWI description for Create Database Link.

  • Fix transformation for packages with None as schema

  • Remove duplicated semicolons in some commented statements

Release 2.0.198 - October 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.72


  • Support for default parameters in procedures.

  • Support for package variables as an output argument in procedures.

Fixes and improvements

Materialized View parsing improvements
  • Unusable Edition Clause

  • JSON Storage clause

  • For Update clause

Release 2.0.176 - September 26th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.2.11


Initial Parsing for Materialized Views
  • Parsing Create Materialized View.

  • Parse Materialized View Refresh clause.

  • Parsing of Physical Properties.

  • Parse Evaluation Edition clause

  • Initial Assessment reporting for Materialized Views.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed parsing of some table properties.

Release 2.0.157 - September 13th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 9.0.48


Transformation for records to Snowflake Scripting
  • Transformation of records custom types declaration inside procedures.

  • Transformation of record variables using custom types.

  • Transformation of records variables using %ROWTYPE.

  • Record properties assignment.

  • Record properties access.

  • Transformation of "INSERT INTO" when VALUES clause has records.

  • Provide UI and CLI options to activate the arrange

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix transformation for procedure calls inside packages.

  • Fixed parsing error in USING INDEX LOCAL clause.

  • Fix of conversion errors.

Release 2.0.125 - August 29th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.119

Fixes and improvements

  • Improve EWI description and transformation for DBLink (database Link) Reference.

  • General assessment infrastructure improvements.

Release 2.0.110 - August 16th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.81


  • Now the default target language for procedures is set to Snowflake Scripting. Javascript can still be selected in the settings.

  • Better description and distribution for custom naming configuration.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue when the package name was qualified with the schema name.

Release 2.0.87 - August 1st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.11.22


Transformation for stateful packages variables to Snowflake Scripting

Package variables are being transformed into session variables.

Variable reads and writes are being performed in real-time guaranteeing global consistency.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improvement in symbols loading which leads to a migration time reduction.

  • NLS_INITCAP function was being marked as not supported.

  • TO_CHAR(date, 'WW') was not giving an equivalent result.

Release 2.0.70 - July 18th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.154


  • Support for built-in package UTL_FILE.FOPEN, UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE, UTL_FILE.FCLOSE.

Fixes and improvements

Output parameters transformation improvements

For supporting output parameters we returned a table but this was generating a lot of code to build that table before leaving the procedure. Also, the returned type was complex to build and confusing.

Now, we are returning an object in a single line and the type was changed to VARIANT. From the procedure calls, the migrator generates the needed code to retrieve the variables from the generated object. The new implementation is cleaner and easier to understand.

For more details, please refer to the limited access documentation.

  • GROUP BY ROLLUP function was being marked as not supported.

  • REVERSE function was being marked as not supported.

  • Fixed an exception caused by output parameters transformation.

  • Fixed an exception causing files not to be transformed when migrating packages to Snowflake Scripting.

  • Some built-in packages were not being marked as not supported.

Release 2.0.65 - July 4th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.95


  • Support for built-in package function DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR.

  • Procedures and functions inside packages are converted to Snowflake Scripting when the setting is on.

  • Constants declared inside packages, are being declared inside each procedure or function that uses them in Snowflake Scripting.

Fixes and improvements

  • HTML report improvements.

  • RATIO TO REPORT function was being marked as not supported.

  • CONNECT BY PRIOR was being partially marked as an error.

  • TO_CHAR(<date>, 'D') was not migrated properly.

Release 2.0.38 - June 21th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.9.34


Lines of code conversion rate mode is now available.

By default, the conversion rate is calculated per character transformed for more precision. Now, the user can select how this calculation is done by choosing between lines of code or characters.

Fixes and improvements

  • SUPPLEMENTAL LOGGING clause removed from tables.

  • Fixed indentation with procedure calls in Snowflake Scripting.

  • Oracle built-in tables and views are now being marked as not supported.

Release 2.0.21 - June 7th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.3.0


  • Functions that migrate to procedures are now being converted to Snowflake Scripting when indicated.

  • Support for OUT parameters in procedures to Snowflake Scripting.

  • Change EULA file to a new and updated version.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a parsing error when the DEFAULT keyword was used in an assignment inside a procedure.

  • Fix transformation for numeric placeholders being used in procedures.

Release 2.0.6 - May 25th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 7.2.6


  • Provide a hybrid approach for the TRUNC built-in function translation.

Fixes and improvements

  • DATEDIFF and DATEADD UDF improvement

  • Fix operation of NumToDsInterval + date

  • Convert Date data type depending on its default value

  • General improvements on the Pretty Print performance and output code

Release 1.1.11 - May 10th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 5.0.132


Snowflake Scripting support for Procedures
  • Declare statements.

  • Assignment statements.

  • Expressions.

  • Case statement.

  • Insert statement.

  • Merge statement.

  • Select into statemet.

  • Execute immediate.

  • Calls to other procedures and functions.

  • Raise statement.

  • Flow control statements (Case, If, Exit, Continue).

  • Loop statements (While, Loop, For loop)

  • Cursors.

  • Data types mapping for variable declarations and parameters.

  • All the unsupported syntax is being marked with EWI1058 or with specific EWIs.

  • Add support for INTERVAL in arithmetic operations.

  • Support DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE for Javascript and Snowflake Scripting.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Some unsupported data types were not being handled.

  • EWI3004 added when DBLink is referenced, now contains the removed syntax.

  • TRUNC and ROUND functions as operators in arithmetic operations are now being handled properly.

Release 1.0.238 - April 25th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 5.0.88


  • Support for DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE function.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixes in function calls.

Release 1.0.223 - April 12th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 5.0.71


  • Conversion of NUMTODSINTERVAL.

  • SYSDATE assignment to variables.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixes in HTML report.

Release 1.0.201 - March 28th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 5.0.35

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fix function call without parenthesis for JS procedures and packages.

  • CONTAINS function was causing parsing error.

Release 1.0.178 - March 14th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 4.0.108


  • Added MSCEWI 3111 with information for manual migration of COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fix of conversion errors.

  • Improved MSCEWI 3076 to contain the built-in package name.

  • Added missing FROM keyword to DELETE statements.

  • Fix syntax errors due to spaces between compound operators.

Release 1.0.155 - February 28th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 4.0.60


  • Add UnrecognizedElementsLOC to Assessment.docx and Assessment.csv

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fix of conversion errors.

  • Improved performance of SnowConvert-generated UDF Helpers

Release 1.0.136 - February 14th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 4.0.33


  • Map BFILE data type to VARCHAR and custom UDF added when inserting values to transformed BFILE columns.

  • Glossary section of the main concepts in the Assessment.docx report.

  • Hierarchy-oriented naming in the ObjectDB column of the Top-level objects report and Top-level queries report. Check here for more information.

  • Added 2 precision decimals to the conversion rates of the assessment reports to improve precision.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Comment out collection variables usages in Javascript stores procedures.

  • NUMBER default precision - scale changed from (38,19) to (38,18) to decrease inconsistencies in binary operations. Check here for more information.

  • Empty object names in the Top-level objects report.

Release 1.0.111 - February 1st, 2022

SnowConvert Core 3.2.86


  • Top level query report.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improve readability on EWI 1036

  • Fix JSON data type, now it is transformed to variant

  • Fix case where comments were being lost at the end of the statements

  • Fix case where identifiers with double quotes where being transformed incorrectly

  • Fix Hyperlink for the release notes.

Improved Integration testing for:

  • Outer Join

Release 1.0.94 - January 18th, 2022

SnowConvert Core 3.2.67


  • New EWI when trying to select ROWID pseudocolumn.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Removal of numeric literal suffixes like "d" and "f" (double and float) since this is not supported in Snowflake.

  • Fix transformation for Timestamp data type declarations

  • Fix transformation for Long Raw data type columns

  • Fix Using (+) operator with a column from a not-joined table and a literal expression

  • Fix Outer Join with (+) IN predicate when being transformed to ANSI

  • Fix NUMBER data type scale can not be greater than precision

  • Fix Transformation of ANYDATA to VARIANT

  • Fix transformation for Interval expressions

  • Fix XMLType, where it should be converted to Variant

Improved functional equivalence testing for:

  • Timestamp with time zone Data Type

  • Timestamp with Local time zone Data Type

  • FLOAT Data Type

  • NUMBER Data Type

  • BINARY_FLOAT Data Type


Improved Integration testing for:

  • ANYDATA Data Type

  • ANYTYPE Data Type

  • ANYDATASET Data Type

  • Timestamp with time zone Data Type

  • Timestamp with Local time zone Data Type


  • BINARY_FLOAT Data Type

  • NUMBER Data Type

  • FLOAT Data Type

  • ROWID pseudocolumn

Release 1.0.68 - January 3rd, 2022

SnowConvert Core 3.2.34


  • Improved functional equivalence testing for:

    • Inner

    • Equijoin

    • Band join

    • Self Join

    • Semijoin

    • Cartesian Product

  • Improved functional equivalence testing for:

    • Long

    • Equijoin

    • Raw

    • ROWID

    • CLOB

    • NCLOB

    • BLOB

    • BFILE

    • CHAR

    • VARCHAR2

    • NCHAR


    • Timestamp

    • Date

    • Interval Day to Second

    • Interval Year to Month

  • Transformation added for LENGTHB function.

  • Warning added when NUMBER scale is negative.

  • Transformation for NATIONAL CHARACTER - CHAR Data type.

  • Transformation for NATIONAL CHARACTER - CHAR VARYING Data type.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved parsing for ANYTYPES Data types.

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