Elements Report

This sections describes the contents of Elements Report

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The elements report contains information about every single element that the conversion tool was able to identify.

  • SessionID: Numeric value that identifies the specific session for the migration.

  • Category: Describes the SQL category that an element falls into, the current categories are

    • SELECT statement syntax, options, clauses, modifiers, Table Statements, Data Manipulation Language Statements, Data Definition Statements, Procedure Statements, Data Type, Set operators, Arithmetic Operators and Functions, Comparison Operators and Functions, DateTime & Interval Functions and Expressions, Logical Predicates, GeoSpatial Table Operators, ARRAY/VARRAY Functions, XML Functions, Aggregate Functions, String Operators and Functions, Attribute Functions, Ordered Analytical/Window Aggregate Functions, Built-In Functions, Period Functions and Operators, OLAP Functions, JSON Function, Data Type Conversion Functions, Calendar Functions, Table Operators, Regular Expression Functions, Business Calendar Functions, View Statements, System Performance Monitor and Production Control (PMPC) APIs, Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, Bit/Byte Manipulation Functions, Case Expressions, Compression/Decompression Functions, Query and Workload Analysis Statements, Hash-Related Functions, LOB Functions, BTEQ SQL Controls, BTEQ Sequence Controls, BTEQ SQL File Controls, BTEQ Format Controls, BTEQ Diagnostic Controls, BTEQ Session Controls, TPT object definition statement, TPT Executable statement.

  • Grammar Element: Describes the specific grammar elements found. some examples are SELECT, CASE, INSERT, FROM.

    High-Level Object: Shows which is the high-level object to which the current element belongs.

  • File Type: Describes the file type where the element was found. The values for these fields could be BTEQ, SQL, TPT, FASTLOAD or MULTILOAD.

  • Total Object Count: Describes the amount of objects found of each element.

  • Count Converted LOC: Describes the number of converted lines of code for the current element.

  • Count Not Converted LOC: Describes the number of lines of code that were not transformed for the current element.

  • Count Conversion Errors: Describes the number of conversion errors for the current element.

  • Count Parsing Errors: Describes the number of parsing errors for the current element.

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