This is the TransactSQL SnowConvert features roadmap

This is a deprecated version of the SnowConvert documentation, please visit the official site HERE.

Coming Soon

  • Add documentation about translation specification for CREATE FUNCTION ( Multi-Statement Table-Valued Function Syntax )

  • Parse and translate CREATE FUNCTION

    • Migrate Common Table Expressions

    • Migrate IF/ELSE Transformation

    • Migrate Multiple Return statements


  • Parse and translate CREATE FUNCTION

    • Migrate Labels and GOTO

  • Enable Line Conversion Rate column in SQLServer SnowConvert's AssessmentReport

  • Enable Elements.csv for SQLServer SnowConvert.


  • Recognize pre-process code in the tool

  • Parse and translate CREATE FUNCTION

    • Migrate Set/Declare statements

    • Migrate Inline Table-Valued Function Syntax

    • Migrate Scalar Function Syntax to Javascript Stored Procedure

    • Migrate Common Table Expressions

  • Provide GUI and CLI option to allow users to migrate procedures to Snowflake Scripting

  • TopLevelObjects report

  • Translate Procedures to Snowflake Scripting

  • Command Line Interface for Windows, macOS and LINUX

  • Provide Getting Started documentation

  • Parse and translate CREATE TABLE

  • Parse and translate CREATE VIEW

  • Parse and translate CREATE PROCEDURE

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