"With no schema binding" statement has no equivalent in Snowflake

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Redshift's documentation for CREATE VIEW includes an optional clause that specifies that the particular view is not bound to the database objects such as tables or functions, nor to those objects that it is referencing. The documentation also clarifies that in such cases that this clause is used, the referenced objects must be qualified with a schema name. This clause allows to create a view and reference objects that might not exist yet. Their existence will be verified once the view is queried, but not at its definition.

However, there is no equivalent command nor obvious workaround to implement this functionality in Snowflake, furthermore, the Snowflake documentation suggests that the views are linked to a specific schema and so are the referenced objects in the view.

This warning is generated to point out this difference in the architecture and to mark as invalid the functionality of the sentence.

Code Examples

CREATE VIEW myevent AS SELECT eventname FROM public.event


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