Details about the releases of Snowflake SnowConvert for Oracle during 2021.

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Release 1.0.37 - December 22nd, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.2.14


  • Improved functional equivalence testing for Inner & Equi join.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved assessment reports when there are no identified objects.

  • Fixed case for TO_DATE function with numeric input parameter.

  • Improved backslash handling in REGEXP function.

Release 1.0.3 - December 7th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.43


  • Improved limited access documentation by implementing the new translation specification pages for:

    • Join

      • Band Join.

      • Inner Join.

    • Data types

      • Character Data types

      • Numeric Data types

      • Long Data type

      • Datetime and Interval Data types

      • Raw and Long Data types

      • LOB Data types

      • JSON Data type

      • Extended Data types

      • Rowid Data Type

      • ANSI Data Types

      • User-Defined Types

      • Any Types

      • Spatial Types

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved transformation for cumulative statements in window functions.

  • Fixed calls of procedures and functions inside packages.

Release 1.0.2 - November 22nd, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.24


  • Improved limited access documentation by implementing the new translation specification pages:

    • Outer Join.

    • Anti Join.

    • Self Join.

    • Semi Join.

    • Equijoin.

    • Cartesian Products.

  • Added EWI1066 to inform that some operations between Number datatypes may not be functional in the output code.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed inconsistency for procedure naming calls within package outputs.

  • Fixed implicit schemas not being added to procedure calls.

Release 1.0.1 - November 8th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.20

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improve parsing recovery when there is not semicolon at the end of the statements.

  • Parsing error missing EWI for package item list declarations.

  • Fixing error related to translation of Date arithmetic operations with "+" and "-" signs.

  • Fixing error related to blank or empty strings in REPLACE and CONCAT built in functions.

  • Fixed Procedure numeric precision inconsistency.

  • Fixing inconsistency in procedure naming for package outputs.

Release 1.0.0 - October 26th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.12


  • Generation of HTML report for the conversion Assessment.

  • Conversion rate for objects in the Assessment report.

  • Information for Custom types in the Assessment report and the Top-level objects report.

  • TRUNC_UDF is now being used to transform TRUNC function.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Updated colors in the Assessment report.

  • Updated views that depend on tables with Custom Types.

  • Aliases used in INSERT statements are now being removed.

  • Statement ALTER TABLE ... RENAME TO ... is no longer being marked as invalid.

  • Fixed consistency for types used in NVL function.

  • Synonyms referenced inside procedures and functions are now being converted to the referenced object.

  • Identifiers with the character '#' no longer cause procedures with empty bodies.

  • Fixed some cases in which procedures and functions were being generated with an empty body and add details to possible conversion errors inside procedural code.

Release 0.8.15 - October 12th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.10


  • Improve granularity for "CREATE TYPE" EWI messages

  • Implement Views mechanism for querying DDL elements with Types

  • Replace Type usage in DDL by Variants

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fix for "CREATE SEQUENCE" with NOPARTITION keyword

  • Fix for "Large" number in store procedures

  • Added EWIs for known functional differences in Non-Ansi Outer Join syntax

  • Fixed Blank values in Oracle interpreted differently in Snowflake

  • Increased grammar coverage on Packages

Release 0.8.14 - September 28th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.8


  • Initial parsing of CREATE TYPE (heading, Options Structure, Object Structure, Varray and nested TABLE structure)

  • Parsing and transformation of Oracle Literals with 'q' operator parsing and transformation

  • New Logo for SnowConvert and minor UI update (some colors changed). New images are displayed in the Using SnowConvert section.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed parsing error where ARRAY was not recognized as DATA TYPE

  • Fixed issue with date formats inside procedures and functions when DATE_INPUT_FORMAT was changed (JSDATE_UDF added).

  • Fixed inconsistences reporting warnings 'missing dependencies' (EWI1022)

  • Fixed problem with not equal operator precedence in JavaScript

  • Oracle Outer Join (+) is no longer being transformed to ANSI OUTER JOIN. Syntax with (+) is supported by Snowflake.

Release 0.8.13 - September 16th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.5


  • Implementation for Execute Immediate Into Record.

  • Transformation for cursor ROWTYPE property.

  • ROWTYPE helper.

  • Disclaimer for total parsing errors and unrecognized objects on Assessment.docx report.

  • EWIs (MSCEWI1051, MSCEWI1052, MSCEWI1053) for unsupported datatypes on Stored Procedures and Functions parameters.

  • EWI (MSCEWI3079) for Occurrence parameter in INSTR function.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Comment is emitted correctly for EWI1040.

  • Reduced several parsing errors.

  • Reduced several conversion errors.

  • Improved Cursor helper for RECORDS.

  • EXEC call is also commented out when the statement inside is commented.

  • Multiple duplicated helpers emitted in the same procedure when there is an input error.

  • Fixed mismatch in parsing errors counting, between Assessment report and Issues report.

  • Fixed Top level Objects report showing 100% conversion rate when there were parsing errors.

Release 0.8.11 - September 1st, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.1


  • EXEC is now used inside cursors.

  • Sequences are now being created with the "OR REPLACE" keyword.

  • Functions and procedures inside packages are now added to the top level object report.

  • Transformation for SQL built-in functions with Snowflake counterpart (functional equivalence may vary).

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved transformation for NULL values inside PL/SQL.

  • Some MSCEWI1037 "Translation planned for the future" were replaced with more informative EWIs.

  • Warning count in Assessment.csv was different from warning occurrences in output code.

  • BINARY_FLOAT datatype is converted to FLOAT.

  • FLOAT column datatype is no longer reported as error.

  • Oracle attributes like SQL%ROWCOUNT, SQLERRM or SQLCODE are binded correctly.

  • Fixed error with column names using '<' or '>'.

  • Fixed error that reported 99% objects conversion.

  • Reduced conversion errors.

Release 0.8.9 - August 16th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.1.0


  • Transformation for records inside procedures.


  • Fixed code of EXEC helper when handling records.

  • Improve parsing recovery for PACKAGES declaration.

  • Fixed transformation for PACKAGE constants values that are used inside procedures.

Release 0.8.8 - August 4th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.22


  • New Assessment.docx aspect.

  • Transformation for LIKE operator inside procedures.

  • Regions for procedure helpers.

  • New assessment section for procedures and functions inside packages.


  • Sequences with start values over the Snowflake limits are now being marked and reported.

  • Enhanced JavaScript comments for better highlighting.

  • Sequence NEXTVAL is now being supported.

  • ALTER TABLE transformation fixed to be deployable.

  • Enhanced transformation for TO_CHAR with Julian format parameter.

  • Duplicated variables appearing inside procedures.

Release 0.8.7 - July 20th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.20


  • Transformation for CONNECT BY clause in a SELECT query.

  • Transformation for SELECT with ROW LIMITING CLAUSE.

  • Transformation for raise_application_error.

  • Option in the UI to select the encoding when performing a migration.

  • MSC-ISSUE was renamed to MSC-ERROR in all the reports and output code


  • Inconsistencies with the conversion rate in the Top Level Object Report.

  • Error with date arithmetic operations.

  • Issues in the transformation of the TO_CHAR function first parameter.

  • Handling for the NLS_CALENDAR parameter when is set to GREGORIAN in the TO_DATE function.

Release 0.8.6 - July 8th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.19


  • Issues reporting errors when converting EXECUTE INMEDIATE statements.

  • Fix for some procedures with bodies not being generated.

Release 0.8.5 - July 7th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.16


  • Transformation for variables in stateful packages

  • Transformation for RECORD TYPES in stored procedures

  • Transformation for LAG function

  • Transformation for ALTER SESSION when modifying the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS session parameter


  • Lines of code counting for wrapped statements

  • Inconsistencies with untranslated statements in stored procedures and functions

  • Issues migrating CURSOR FOR LOOP statements

  • Fix for some stability issues

Release 0.8.3 - June 28th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.14


  • Optional feature to transform SYSDATE as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. This will also transform DATE columns to TIMESTAMP. This transformation can be set from the migration settings:


  • Fix transformation for ALTER SESSION using NLS_DATE_FORMAT.

  • Now an issue will be reported in the assessment when the input file or files have encoding incompatibilities.

Release 0.8.0 - June 21st, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.13


  • Create Assessment rules for PROCEDURES section of the report.

  • Create Assessment rules for SCHEMAS section of the report

  • Create Assessment rules for PACKAGES and PACKAGES BODIES section of the report.

  • Emit the SET statements to create session variables.


  • Fix to support EXIT WHEN cursor NOTFOUND.

  • Transformation for Alter Session using NLS_DATE_FORMAT.

Release 0.7.5 - June 9th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.11


  • Create Assessment rules for the PROCEDURES section of the report (Dynamic SQL and DBMS_SQL).


  • (UI) Fix progress title when the application runs in Assessment mode.

  • Parsing error with EDITIONABLE procedures.

  • Delete empty folder when the application is running a migration in Linux and Mac.

  • Error comment added for unsupported operators.

  • Error comment added when there are Nested Procedures/Functions.

Release 0.7.3 - June 8th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.9


  • Transformation for Functions with only logical statements

  • Functions transformation for external program calls

  • Parse for wrapped statements

  • Assessment rules for the following sections of the report:

    • ROWNUM in the Procedures section

    • SYS_CONTEXT and SESSIONID in Data Values section

    • OLAP Functions inside Views

    • CustomType inside View

    • SQL/C/JAVA functions

    • Wrapped Objects


  • Fix for Procedures conversion rate drop, due to an exception.

  • Change parameters for EXEC helper.

  • Fix transformation for invalid column identifiers in Snowflake Tables.

  • Remove unused ERROR_HANDLERS variable from procedure helpers.

  • Change commit transformation to use EXEC helper.

  • Simplify object property assignation of SQL object (EXEC) and Error Object (RAISE).

  • Fix escaping quotes when using a STUB function in procedures.

Release 0.7.2 - May 25th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.5


  • Transformation for constants in stateful packages.

  • General improvements on assessment docx report.

  • Convert qualified names.

  • Support for functions with only one SELECT INTO query.

  • Assessment rules for the following sections of the report:

    • Views

    • DataTypes

    • Data Values

    • Object Naming

    • Constraints

    • User Defined Functions


  • Fix assessment for unsupported PL/SQL expressions.

  • Use correct datatype for a column when the default value is SYSDATE.

  • (Cursor) Binding variables for OPEN FOR with a query.

  • Parsing Errors fixed.

  • OutOfMemory exception thrown by unclosed comments.

  • Functions bindings inside packages.

  • (UI) Improve readability of Object Conversion settings.

  • Comment out unsupported XML type and URI type.

  • Bind qualified names of record values when used in other queries.

Release 0.7.1 - May 11th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 3.0.1


  • Transformation for functions calls inside procedures and other functions.

  • Transformation for Raise statement inside procedures.

  • Data types counting in the tables section of the Assessment report


  • Unsupported CREATE INDEX and CREATE DBLINK statements were not being commented out in the output code.

Release 0.7.0 - April 27th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 2.1.0


  • Initial transformation for Functions.

  • Transformation for stateless packages.

    • Create new schemas based on the package name.

    • Extract and transform Stored Procedures and Functions from the package body.

    • Added option to disable the creation of new schemas when transforming packages.


  • Incorrect values returned by the ROWCOUNT of the SQL implicit cursor.

  • Several parsing improvements for tables and packages.

Release 0.6.6 - April 16th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 2.0.5


  • Parameter binding for CURSOR FOR LOOP.



  • Procedures parameter datatypes migration enhanced.

  • Assessment generation performance improvements.

  • Several parsing improvements for procedures.

Release 0.6.5 - March 31st, 2021

SnowConvert Core 2.0.1


  • Transformation for SELECT INTO in stored procedures.


  • Assessment related errors when migrating many files.

  • Inconsistency in BULK COLLECT INTO transformations.

Release 0.6.3 - March 29st, 2021

SnowConvert Core 2.0.0


  • Transformation for IMPLICIT SQL CURSOR ATTRIBUTE in stored procedures.

  • Transformation for DECLARE BLOCK in stored procedures.

Release 0.6.2 - March 23th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.14.0


  • Support for SELECT with UNION in stored procedures.


  • False report of missing dependencies.

Release 0.6.1 - March 17th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.12.3


  • Transformation for EXECUTE IMMEDIATE in stored procedures

  • Transformation for MERGE in stored procedures

  • Transformation for INSERT in stored procedures

  • Transformation for UPDATE in stored procedures

  • Transformation for SELECT in stored procedures

  • Transformation for DELETE in stored procedures

  • Transformation for IN operator in stored procedures

  • Transformation for BETWEEN operator in stored procedures

  • Transformation for CURSOR DEFINITION in stored procedures

  • Transformation for CURSOR OPEN in stored procedures

  • Transformation for CURSOR FETCH in stored procedures

  • Transformation for CURSOR CLOSE in stored procedures

  • Transformation for CURSOR FOR LOOP in stored procedures

  • Transformation for IS NULL and IS NOT NULL in stored procedures

  • Transformations for Binary Operations in stored procedures

  • Transformation for Logical Operations in stored procedures

  • Transformation for Relational Operations in stored procedures


  • Add empty parentheses for converted procedures without parameters

Release 0.5.1 - March 1st, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.10.2


  • Transformation for COMMIT in procedures.

  • Transformation for CURSOR VARIABLE declaration in procedures.

  • Helper function implemented to handle EXECUTE IMMEDIATE and CURSOR.

Release 0.4.0 - February 13th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.10.1


  • Transformation for EXIT statement in procedures.

  • Transformation for CASE statement in procedures.


  • Concatenation operator and function improved.

Release 0.3.2 - January 29th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.9.9


  • Added parsing for Comment on table.

  • Added parsing for ALTER TABLE.

  • Added parsing for Table Properties.


  • Added parsing for MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY.


  • Notification inventory and Conversion Report fixes.

  • Character counting inconsistency in Assessment.

Release 0.3.1 - January 19th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.9.8


  • Added parsing and assessment for create package and create package body.

  • Added parsing for alter table.


  • Added parsing for MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY.


  • Error handling when parsing multiple files.

  • Character counting fix in for assessment.

Release 0.3.0 - January 8th, 2021

SnowConvert Core 1.9.6


  • Added CmdRunner Migration steps.

  • Added Assessment for tables, views, and synonyms.

  • Added preview assessment for procedures.

  • Added the telemetry for assessment.

  • Added the breakdown of the issues for assessment.

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