Command Line Interface

Integrate Spark SnowConvert for Spark into your CI/CD process with the CLI version of the tool.

Quick start

To execute an evaluation with the Spark SnowConvert for Python CLI you must have an active license. Currently, the licenses for the CLI are different than the UI, but if you already have a license for the UI you should be able to reuse the same license key. In the section below we show how to install a license key.
There are several Command Line Arguments documented below, but the main ones are -i for the input folder and -o for the output folder.


  • Input Python Code must compile.
  • Python supported version is 3.9.
  • Spark supported version is 3.1.2.

Install a license

To install a license key just execute Python SnowConvert CLI program with the -l argument and the license key.
> sparkSnowct-python.exe -l <license-key>

Run application into a folder

To evaluate a folder just execute Spark SnowConvert for Python CLI program with the -i <INPUT FOLDER> and -o <OUTPUT FOLDER> arguments.
> sparkSnowct-python.exe -i ~/Documents/Workspace/Code -o ~/Documents/Workspace/Output

CLI Arguments

Basic Conversion
-i, --input <PATH> (Required)
The path to the folder or file containing the input source code.
-o, --output <PATH> (Required)
The path to the output folder where the converted code and reports will be stored.
-l, --licensekey
The license key to activate.
-s, --ShowLicense
Shows the license info.
Displays this help screen
Displays the version information.