pyspark.sql.functions.map_values has workaround


This issue appears when the tool detects the usage of pyspark.sql.functions.map_values which has a workaround.
Input code:
Output code:
#EWI: SPRKPY1045 => pyspark.sql.functions.map_values has a workaround, see documentation for more info


map_values(col: ColumnOrName) -> pyspark.sql.column.Column
This function is used for column that contains a map/dictionary (keys/values), to extract the list of values. Action: you can create a udf to get the values for a column. Example:
# example of a proposed udf
from snowflake.snowpark import functions as F
from snowflake.snowpark.types import ArrayType, MapType
def map_values(map):
global map_values_udf
if not map_values_udf:
def _map_values(map: dict)->list:
return list(map.values())
map_values_udf = F.udf(_map_values,return_type=ArrayType(),input_types=[MapType()],name="map_values",is_permanent=False,replace=True)
return map_values_udf(map)
F.map_values = map_values
// using map_values defined previously


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