pyspark.sql.functions.split has workaround


This issue appears when the tool detects the usage of pyspark.sql.functions.split which has a workaround.
Input code:
F.split('col', '\\|')
Output code:
#EWI: SPRKPY1044 => pyspark.sql.functions.split has a workaround, see the documentation for more info
F.split('col', '\\|')


split(str: ColumnOrName, pattern: str, limit: int = - 1) → pyspark.sql.column.Column
When the function call has just the str and pattern parameters Action: you can call the function snowflake.snowpark.functions.lit with the pattern parameter and send it into the split. Example:
F.split('col', lit('\\|'))
# the result of lit will be sent to the split function
When the function call has the str, pattern, and limit parameters Action: This case is not supported. Example:
F.split('col', '\\|', 1)
# the limit parameter is not supported by snowflake


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